Tuscany Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi has produced world renowned wine in the beautiful Tuscan hills for seven centuries. Frescobaldi’s CEO, Giovanni Geddes da Filicaja, needs frequent contact with the company’s scattered estates and production centres but landline telephone is often interrupted by storms and ADSL cannot reach this rural location. Unreliable communications has hampered his management of the business so Geddes da Filicaja selected SatCom for installation in his own Tuscan home. Our network was up and running within days and our satellite-based solution has replaced his inadequate 56Kb dial-up connection with dependable broadband connectivity and VoIP telephone. “Internet technology is the basis of business, even in a traditional sector such as ours,” said Geddes da Filicaja, “but the landscape in which we operate was a communications hurdle”. “Thanks to SatCom I can count on a reliable internet and telephone system. I can work freely - organize meetings and appointments, use email and company resources, and visit websites quickly. It has significantly improved my way of working and managing my time and resources.” Back to overview