At the peaks of the French Alps The French Alpine Club operates a series of refuges high in the French Alps to provide accommodation and shelter to visitors. The French Alps are a paradise for climbers, snow sports fans and hikers but can be dangerous too, and in an emergency communications problems can prove fatal. With no landline links and limited mobile connectivity at high altitude, communications between the mountain refuges and the valley stations could not be relied on, so the French Alpine Club chose to fit the refuges with SatCom satellite internet access. Our satellite connection provides the refuges with internet access for web browsing, emails and internet telephone - all without any terrestrial links. About 30 of the French Alpine Club refuges have now been equipped with SatCom, providing dependable contact with the emergency services, the valley and the whole World. “With the fast and reliable SatCom connection, we can now reach emergency services at all times,” said Guy Berthet, owner of the Goléon refuge 2,500m above sea level. “Our new connectivity also improves comfort for guests, who can now make online reservations and benefit from broadband internet access during their stay, making the refuge more attractive”. Back to overview