Here you can find out about the partner program and register your interest.

Once you are signed up you can login, place orders, and manage your customers.

The SOCCOM partner program gives you full access to the entire suite of SOC Communications Ltd's product portfolio. This means you can sell:

  • Satellite Internet
  • Voice over IP
  • PSTN Phone LInes
  • ADSL Internet
  • FTTC Internet
Reasons to work with SOCCOM

We have a clear market focus on targeting customers through the channel and have developed a service portfolio and a quality of service that makes us easy and transparent to do business with. We offer partners a variety of ways of working together through a combination of quality, performance excellence and competitive pricing to make any channel partner successful in their market.

System tools - Our Portal enables our partners to provision services online at any time of the day, providing maximum control, increased visibility and reduced overheads

Business support - Market, product and systems training available through the SOCCOM Partner Program

Competitive pricing - Key for any provider who wishes to operate within the telecoms space

Below are overviews of our reseller levels. please see the overview for a full beakdown of what you can and cannot do at each level.

Installer - As an installer you will be able to advertise SOC Communications Ltd's products and will receive a one-off commission for any sales made. You will also be contracted by SOC Communications Ltd for and satellite installations that you sell as well as any installations that we have locally.

Agent - As an agent you can resell SOC Communications Ltd's products on a monthly commission basis. You will be required to sell the products under SOC Communications Ltd branding and all ongoing support will be done by SOC Communications Ltd. At the end of each month you will recieve a commission based on how many packages you have sold.

Reseller - As a reseller you will have full access to all of SOC Communications Ltd's products. You will be able to sell these under your own brand and will be responsible for 1st line support as well as billing the customer each month. You will have full control of your customers and your prices.