For the last five years, our SatCom service has helped to bridge the digital divide by providing satellite internet to the households outside the reach of other broadband technologies. Our solution SatCom for communities builds on this expertise to bring internet connectivity to an entire community via one single satellite antenna. We combine our proven satellite service with the existing infrastructure to achieve the next step in broadband connection for rural areas and unserved regions.

How does it work?

Our technology unites our successful interactive satellite broadband service with the existing last mile infrastructure, such as copper line, TV cable or wireless network. We install a single central satellite antenna at an aggregation point – i.e. street cabinet in the community, cable TV head-end, or WiFi mast. The broadband connection to the end users is then supplied via the existing last mile infrastructure or the wifi access, providing all households with internet access at a speed of up to 8 Mbit/s. End users don’t have to install a satellite antenna at home, they pay only for their DSL connection and a standard broadband equipment (i.e. activation fee, DSL modem and monthly fees)

Advantages for the community

  • 100% coverage and immediate broadband access for the entire community
  • Low investment costs
  • Quick deployment
  • Low-cost service packages at customary prices
  • Only one satellite antenna required to connect whole community

Advantages for the end customers

  • No individual satellite dish needed
  • Short installation and service activation time
  • Connection speed up to 8 Mbit/s
  • Standard end user hardware (DSL/ Wifi/ Cable modem)
  • Low cost service packages at market prices