German carpentry Olaf Müllers is a master carpenter and the managing director of Simon GmbH, a roofing and carpentry business established for over 20 years in the small village of Bengel near the Moselle valley, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Müllers uses computer aided design (CAD) to plan the complex roof structures that Simon makes, but with only dial-up and ISDN speed internet available in Bengel, he cannot email these plans or photos to clients. The company’s slow internet loses precious working time and money, and leaves it at a disadvantage to competitors. With less than 1,000 people living in the community and the nearest sizeable city, Trier, more than 50km away, the local telecommunications providers are in no hurry to provide broadband to Bengel, so Müllers chose SatCom to provide Simon with satellite internet Our SatCom provides high speed broadband internet connectivity without any terrestrial infrastructure, and is available immediately across Europe. Now Müllers can communicate with clients and suppliers, and investigate new jobs quickly and efficiently. “Today, fast internet is absolutely essential for research and communication with our clients,” said Müllers. “SatCom offered us an immediate solution. “In the beginning we were sceptical – could broadband via satellite be comparable to a DSL connection? But for us satellite internet is the optimal solution; the fast internet is helping us to provide a better service, and it saves us time and money.” Back to overview