The SatCom by SOCCOM service

  • What is SatCom?
    SatCom is a broadband internet connection made via communications satellites instead of a telephone landline or other terrestrial means. Our Astra Connect service provides high-speed, always-on, bi-directional broadband internet via satellite, which is available for a flat fee to anyone, anywhere. Learn more about the benefits of internet via SatCom by SOCCOM
  • What is the benefit of the bi-directional connection?
    Because both the download and upload of data between the internet and your computer is via satellite, our SatCom platform does not use, or require, any form of ground-based connection (eg telephone landline). Learn more about the benefits of internet via SatCom by SOCCOM
  • Who can use SatCom?
    Our SatCom internet connection is available anywhere within the footprint of our satellites in countries across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Learn more about the SatCom Packages
  • Which service packages are available?
    As a subscriber to SatCom you can choose from a broad variety of service packages tailored specifically to your internet requirements. Different download and upload speeds, volume free and volume limited packages are offered, giving you the flexibility you need. Learn more about the SatCom Packages
  • Are there any limits to my use of SatCom?
    Your use of our SatCom platform may be limited by your choice of service package. If you have booked a limited volume package, you will not be able to browse the internet anymore after exceeding the monthly maximum download volume (but you will be redirected to a web page where you can buy additional volume if you wish). If you subscribe to an unlimited volume package, downloading an excessive amount of data within a month may instigate the “Fair Use Policy” to temporarily limit the speed of your connection. SatCom is an always-on service and so your computer can remain connected to the internet at all times, with no restriction to the time spent connected. Learn more about the SatCom Fair Use Policy
  • What is the “Fair Use Policy”?
    We operate a Fair Use Policy to prevent abuse of the SatCom bandwidth which, for users who have downloaded an excessive volume of data in the course of one month’s use, can temporarily limit the connection speed – only for that month and during periods of heavy overall use of the network. Learn more about the SatCom Fair Use Policy
  • Is my SatCom connection used differently to an ADSL connection?
    In operation, your SatCom connection appears to your computer, and to you, just like any other broadband internet connection, and you can use the same software for website browsing, email, etc, as does any other internet user. Learn more about the benefits of SatCom
  • Can I use my satellite broadband connection to make telephone calls?
    You can make low cost “VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)” telephone calls using your SatCom connection, and this option may be purchased from us alongside or independent to a SatCom package. Learn more about VoIP products from SOCCOM
  • Can I receive satellite TV with SatCom?
    Unfortunately the SatCom system does not currently support using the SatCom dish for TV reception purposes. This is however something we are working on for the future.
  • Does SOCCOM offer “triple play”?
    Triple play is the provision of internet access, TV and telephone in a single service so, no, SOCCOM can not provide triple play. We can however provide a VoIP phone line with your satellite dish allowing you to free yourself from the land line network. Learn more about TV and VoIP with SatCom

Buying SatCom broadband

  • How much does SatCom broadband cost?
    The cost of a SatCom package starts from just £32.50 per Month. Learn more about the benefits of SatCom
  • How does the cost of SatCom broadband compare with ADSL broadband?
    SatCom is designed for use where other connections to the internet are not available and it presents a low-cost alternative to the provision of landline services where they were not previously available. Learn more about the benefits of SatCom

SatCom equipment & installation

  • What equipment do I need to use the SatCom service?
    SatCom requires only a satellite dish fitted with the two-way iLNB, and an IP modem connected to your computer.
  • I have a satellite dish – can this be used for the internet connection via SatCom?
    SatCom uses innovative and advanced performance optimization technologies over satellite that require a certain size and quality of the dish. To ensure reliable reception of the satellite signal for your broadband connection, you should use the dish supplied in our SatCom by SOCCOM equipment pack. However, you may be able to use the SatCom dish to receive your satellite TV signals instead of your existing antenna.

SatCom technical details

  • Which satellite does SatCom use?
    The satellites that SatCom uses are located at 23.5°E and 28.2°E and are used for both downloading and uploading data for the SatCom solutions. Learn more about the features of the SatCom platform
  • What sort of computer do I need to access SatCom?
    SatCom requires no extra software to be loaded on your computer and can operate with PC (any version of Microsoft Windows or Linux) and Apple Macintosh (OS X) computers with Ethernet support.
  • Can I use SatCom with a network?
    You can connect your SatCom modem with an Ethernet cable either to an individual computer or to a network router/switch (Avaliable from SOCCOM) to link to a home network or local area network. The connection from the router to your network computers can be cabled or wireless.
  • How far from the computer can the modem and dish be?
    Our SatCom equipment pack includes 30m of dual coax cable to connect the dish and IP modem. To connect the IP modem to your computer, an Ethernet cable of approximately 2.0m is supplied. You can substitute a longer cable if required.
  • Does SatCom suffer from delay or “latency”?
    All internet connections suffer from some latency and because a satellite connection requires the signal to travel from the ground to the satellite and back again, this imposes a “satellite latency” of approximately half a second. However, we employ a variety of means to mitigate the effects of this delay, so it does not adversely affect normal use of the SatCom connection. Learn more about the features of satellite broadband by SatCom
  • Must the SatCom equipment be powered all the time?
    The SatCom modem should be powered whenever the connection is in use. The IP modem takes a few minutes to initialise when switched on and so it is preferable to keep it powered unless the connection is unused for an extended period. The SatCom equipment has a power consumption of less than 30W in use.