What is Satability

Satability is a scheme developed by SOCCOM to make satellite broadband more affordable for the everyday person. Rather than paying an expensive fee for your installation and hardware, you could spread the cost over 12 or 24 months. With only a small £50 admin fee upfront.

So what does this mean for you?

This means that if you have less than 5Mbps broadband, we can provide you with your installation, basic satellite hardware, and a Wi-Fi router. Without having to pay a huge upfront fee.

This includes:

• Satellite Dish
• Wall mount bracket
• Satellite modem
• Wireless router
• Professional Installation

How do I apply

The easiest way is to call us now and we can help check which scheme applies and whether you are eligible. Call us now on 01323 400 500

Satability Scheme

Whether you're running a business or shopping online, a slow broadband speed can be incredibly frustrating. The Satability Scheme has been developed by the SOCCOM to give immediate assistance to those people suffering with the slowest speeds by providing a subsidised installation for a better connection.

The Satability Scheme will cover the cost of installing satellite broadband for eligible businesses and homes who are currently have difficulty achieving speeds of more than 5Mbps. The scheme is part of SOCCOM's plans to get the whole country better connected.

By boosting the internet speed for households, the Satability Scheme will allow families to browse the web, stream movies and check emails all at the same time. The scheme will also deliver a better internet experience for businesses and local start ups who can communicate with clients, check up on orders and stay up to date with market trends more efficiently.

The scheme allows you to spread the cost of your satellite internet over a period of either 12 months or 24 months, our low fees are designed to make satellite internet affordable for everyone.


Satability Admin Fee £50.00
Satability 12 months £12.50
Satability 24 months £7.50

All fees are in addition to your regular satellite internet fees.

Applications to the subsidy scheme can be made by calling us on 01323 400 500

All this hardware is on a 24 month lease which coincides with your Satellite Internet package.

SOCCOM can offer a range of packages up to superfast 30Mbps broadband and we have a choice of services offering 100% UK coverage.