Voice over IP Telephone Services

SatCom service doesn't stop at high-speed, always-on broadband without a landline – you can also add low-cost phone calls to your package.

It's your call

Our SatCom platform is the perfect vehicle for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone via the internet – a reliable alternative to a landline telephone. With our satellite broadband network you can make VoIP calls at low cost to anywhere in the world. Using VoIP, you can chat on the phone at the same time as you use the broadband connection to, say, browse the internet – all with a single SatCom connection – and we dedicate broadband capacity especially for voice use, so you’re assured of the best possible call quality at all times. If you have a landline of poor quality, your SatCom connection provides a second, better quality phone connection. In an installation without a landline, our VoIP platform gives you a phone connection for the first time.

We allow you to completely remove your reliance on the landline network by offering you a "Voice over IP" phone line. Meaning you can have your landline run over your satellite internet connection.

As well as freeing you from the landline network VoIP is cheaper than a standard landline with monthly rental at only £6.50.

Call rates are cheaper too, just see our table below:

Charge Type Cost
Setup Fee £30.00
VoIP Line Rental £6.50
Geographic Number (01, 02) Import £25.00


Calls Cost per minute
UK Local / National 0.75p THAT'S LESS THAN 1p!!
UK Mobile 5p
0845 / 0870 3p

We can even import your existing number in the VoIP system meaning that you don't have to change number. This applies to 01 / 02 / 03 and 08 numbers so homes and businesses can take advantace of our VoIP service.

If you would like to know more or order VoIP then please contact us here or call our offices on 01323 400 500 to speak to one of our qualified technicians.